Why are we doing “Explore!” week at Westfield?

Middle and Upper School students are experiencing something new and exciting this week called “Explore!”. This week of mini-enrichment classes, taught by Westfield faculty, gives Middle and Upper School students the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn about a variety of topics outside of traditional classroom courses and teaching methods. Each student has chosen one mini-enrichment class to pursue during Explore Week. A sampling of classes being offered includes: golf, yoga, board games, fishing, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, cupcake decorating, sewing, wiffle ball, art, drama, photography, and understanding defensive football strategies just to name a few.

The primary reason we are doing “Explore!” week is to promote a love of learning. We believe that lifelong learning is going to be even more important for our current students than it has been for the previous generations. The technological progress and interdependence of the global economy indicates that successful people will need to be adaptable and resilient. Individuals are better suited for the resilience and adaptability as they learn to enjoy and even delight in learning new things.  This type of school enrichment program is designed to help students develop new interests and hobbies which help them learn independently and also to encourage life-long learning. “Explore!” week encourages learning new things just for the sake of learning and is designed to do so in a pleasant and stimulating environment.

William Carroll

Head of School



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